Her ‘Pimple’ Turned Out to be Skin Cancer – Here’s What She Wants You to Know

I’ll admit that when I was in my teens and my twenties, I really didn’t think much about my health, my skin, and my future. Yes, I would visit the beach without applying much sunscreen on. Yes, I didn’t really think twice before stepping into a tanning bed during the winter months. And yes, I thought that my skin would look the way it did forever. No lines, no creases, no suspicious looking marks, dots, blackheads or pimples.

Fast-forward almost two decades later and I can tell you that I was stupidly, stubbornly wrong and naïve. As a parent, I am that person who literally freaks out whenever my kids go in the sun without enough protection on. And while I worry endlessly about them, I perhaps don’t spend enough time examining my own skin, sunspots and little scars here and there. And honestly, I should. Stay-at-home Kari Cummins received the surprise of her life when she thought what was just a little pimple turned out to be something much more scarier and dangerous. And just like many other fair-skinned females out there, she too, didn’t put much thought into her skin until one particular trip to the doctor. Here’s what happened.

Credit: photos provided by Kari Cummins

This mom is sharing photos of an underground pimple that turned out to be….

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