This Mom’s Hilarious Rant About The School Drop Off Line Is On Point!

Nothing makes me more anxious than having to mentally prepare for my kids school drop off and pick up lane. Fortunately I live in a very small community where there are no buses, so all the kids bike to school. But on really cold, rainy or icy days I have to drive them. I absolutely dread these days simply because of the drop off line that seems to take forever, and I know I’m not alone.

Jenny Ingram is a mom of 3 and writes the blog Jenny on the Spot and has recently filmed a rant about her frustrations with the school drop-off lane and this rant is literally all of us who have ever had to experience the nightmare that is the school drop off lane. Jenny’s biggest issue is with those who can’t or won’t pull forward, or even worse – those who park in the drop off lane! I know what you’re thinking – who would park in a drop off lane? But I promise you, there are people out there who do it. Or the people who park so far from the car in front of them there’s not quite enough room for another car to fit, but way too much room to leave between vehicles.

The rules of dropping off and picking up should be pretty easy to follow, like Jenny says, just pull forward. Yet for some reason it never goes smoothly. My school even has staff out front with walkie talkies calling kids and motioning for cars to move ahead. I dread the days that I have to drive my kids to school. So much.

Watch Jenny’s rant below and let me know if you can relate, and what your worst drop off story is.

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