This Mom’s Embarrassing Story About Farting During Yoga Will Leave You in Stitches

I would like to you if I told you that I never farted in public. Actually, I’m sure a good majority of us would be lying if they said they never passed gas in public. Sorry ladies, but there’s no way that toot came from your toddler. The good lot of us can recognize a mom fart from a mile away. It usually sounds more anxious and stressed than a toddler fart simply because we’re so worried about letting one rip in front of our peers that it comes out sounding like a distressed lioness.

That’s why this mommy blogger has everyone in stiches over her rather embarrassing farting at a recent yoga class. Her flatulence was so bad that she was forced to leave the class! Fortunately, she gave her social media followers a play-by-play of what happened. And trust me when I say that this is the kind of laugh we all need on a Friday morning.

Credit: Shutterstock/ berkut

Here’s what you do when the gas you pass turns out to be a stink bomb!

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