This Mom’s Maternity Photo Shoot Is Causing a MAJOR Uproar

I know a lot of people who absolutely love CrossFit. They breathe, eat and live CrossFit. In fact, if you’re not part of the community, good luck trying to fit in with a bunch of CrossFit moms. You’ll quickly get lost in their talk of daily WOD’s, burpees, statistics, and one-handed handstands.

For one mother, CrossFit is more than a lifestyle. It was also her way of keeping sane, fit, healthy and happy during her pregnancy. Yet, she also got blasted by many people for lifting weights and continuing her strenuous CrossFit exercises during her pregnancy. In fact, her pregnancy photo shoot even caused quite an uproar.

Credit: Facebook/Joann Marrero Photography

Here’s why so many people are talking about this CrossFit maternity shoot

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