This Mom’s Baby Died On His First Day Of Daycare And She Wants To Know Why She Had To Leave Him So Soon

This is truly a heartbreaking story. Amber Scorah wrote an open and honest and sometimes painful to read op ed published in the New York Times where she discussed leaving her 3 month old son Karl at daycare for the very first time, only to return to find him unresponsive and have him later die.

Amber begins the op ed writing about her struggles to leave her son in daycare after her short 3 month maternity leave had expired. Between her and her husband they needed Amber to return to work because of her benefits, as they couldn’t afford to live off her husband’s income alone.  Amber writes about asking her company for additional time off unpaid, but they couldn’t accomodate her and told her that her only recourse would be to quit, which she contemplated.

After weighing their options Amber and her husband Lee decided to leave Karl with a reputable daycare near Amber’s work, close enough that she could visit and breastfeed Karl during her lunch break. On is first day in care Amber says she ran to the daycare, expecting to see his happy, chubby cheeks greet her, only to be met with every parent’s worst nightmare.

‘I saw my son unconscious, splayed out on a soft changing table. His lips and the area around his mouth were blue, and the day-care owner was performing CPR on him, incorrectly.’

‘Our sweet son had died two and a half hours after I had left him.’

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