This Mom With Terminal Cancer Wrote Her Daughter Letters For Every Milestone She’ll Miss

This might break your heart! Heather McManamy is a Wisconsin mother who has stage 4 cancer. Knowing that she has no cure and that her treatment options are running out, Heather decided that she wanted to leave a legacy behind for her now 4 year old daughter, Brianna.

Heather decided that she would write Brianna letters for every milestone that she might experience without her mother, so that she’ll always have some part of her mother with her. From losing her first tooth to having her first child to her wedding day, Heather has written a letter to Brianna for them all. Heather told her local television station that the wedding day was ‘a tough one because you start picturing what she would look like that day.’

She goes on to say that while she was happy to write the letters, ‘It  was difficult when I was done looking at this pile, this physical representation of what I’m going to miss.’

Heather does say that she’s so happy that she had the opportunity to write the letters and even if it’s too painful for Brianna to open, she was happy that she would just have the letters. She also said that she thought every mom should write a card or two to their kids. I think that’s some pretty amazing advice.

We sincerely hope that Heather has the opportunity to hand deliver many,many of those letters to Brianna.

You can watch more about Heather’s story below.


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