Mom Was Called ‘Disgusting’ for This Photoshoot With Her Toddler

Here’s something I’ve been saying for years: when it comes to motherhood, you shouldn’t worry about what other people think about your life and your rules. I remember a good friend telling me that unless critics want to help her pay her mortgage and bills, she doesn’t have time for their unsolicited advice and opinions. Unless I’m specifically asking you for your opinion, please don’t tell me what I need or should do with my life or my family for that matter.

But as we know all too well, there are people out there who LOVE to tell you everything your doing wrong, based on their simple observations and limited information. Just ask comedian and mother Jess Hilarious.

Jess Hilarious
Credit: Instagram/@jesshilarious

She decided to pose for a photo shoot in the with her toddler son and as you can imagine, the internet was not having it.

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