This Mom Wants Other Moms to Stop Bragging About Their ‘Advanced Kids’

As a mother, I absolutely love my two children and of course, I’m very proud of them and all of their accomplishments, both big and small. And that’s everything they’ve done from mastering potty training to scoring their first goal at their soccer game and getting the honor roll at school.

But with every milestone, award and trophy they bring home, I try to refrain from telling the entire world about their success and accomplishments. Sure, I’ll send a text to the grandparents, aunts and uncles but I don’t brag about it to my hundreds of Facebook friends and Instagram followers. Why? Because I’m trying to teach my children to be humble while having some humility. And they certainly wouldn’t learn that if I became a mom braggart who raved about each and every time they figured out a complicated Common Core math problem.

With that being said though I’m sure we all know someone in our lives who loves to brag about their kids. Or better yet, talk about how “advanced” their kids are compared to their peers. That’s why this mom wants everyone to finally stop once and for all. Here’s what she has to say.

spoiled child
Credit: Shutterstock/op photos

Is you kid really more advanced than mine?

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