This Mom Tells It Like It Is In These Hysterical Cartoons About Newborn and Pregnancy Struggles

When we first get pregnant we are filled with so many emotions that we can hardly wait for our belly to pop! We see so many celebrities in tabloids doing it so gracefully!  What they don’t tell you is that pregnancy is probably the hardest, lumpiest, smelliest, hairiest time in a woman’s life.  This mom’s honest pregnancy cartoons are so hilariously on point.

Line Severinson is an illustrator and mother of two who can’t help but laugh at these “joys” of motherhood and started making these hysterical cartoons of her real-life pregnancy problems. You know the moment you really wish you could have that glass of wine to the judgmental strangers who will stare at you when you breastfeed in public.

“I thought to myself that there is no way that no other people felt and looked like I did,” she wrote. “So I wanted to create a counterpoint to help people like me to understand that they weren’t alone and that it is OK to feel and act less than perfect sometimes.”

It is so comforting to see that others had the same experienced as we did!

Check them out!

[cycloneslider id=”hysterical-cartoons”] Image Source: Instagram user kosogkaos


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