This Mom Swore Off Negative Talk Are Her Daughters And Deserves a Trophy

I had a son eight years ago and definitely kept up with my self-loathing when it came to how I’ve felt about my body my whole life. As horrible as it sounds – it’s the truth. Then, in August of last year, I gave birth to a little girl and could feel something shift inside me.

I knew that she would be watching me. How I carry myself, the way I project myself to the world and the confidence that I carry around with me on a daily basis, so I started paying more attention to the image I set forth. Not only is it impacting my family, but this mindset has changed me.

This mom is feeling the same way and recently gave up any type of negative talk around her daughters for a really important reason and I think she deserves the biggest gold star.

anna and daughters
Credit: Facebook / hahaforhoohas

See why this mom swore off negative talk in front of her daughters.

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Allison Cooper

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