This Mom Spent 10 Years and $106K on IVF Because “We Wanted a Child That Was Genetically Ours”

Teresa  had taken a break and one day heard about a brand new treatment at the Zita West fertility clinic in Marylebone, England. This was her last ounce of hope. What they told her was that her  immune system was not accepting the embryos as they were seen as foreign objects, which is why she had so many miscarriages and why the transplants did not take over the years. She had gone through a intralipid infusion therapy (this includes being drip-fed egg protein and soya oil)  an endometrial scratch, and she had to remove all alcohol and processed foods from her diet. They had her go to a acupuncturist and made her stop using tampons. The clinic finally felt she was ready and they entered in embryos.  She learned she was pregnant in June of 2013.

Today, 1.5-year-old Adelaide is the joy of her parents’ life. “We made sacrifices to get there, but it was worth it,” Teresa said. “We feel so blessed to finally have a child together.”


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