This Mom Live-Tweeted Her Son’s Sex-Ed Class and the Results are Hilarious

Mean Girls is one of my family’s most favorite movies. We’ve all seen it more times than I can count because not only do we watch it every time it pops up on TV (which is a lot) but we also own it. It’s one of those movies that sits in my car so anytime we’re on a road trip anywhere we can pop it in.

One of the scenes I would always laugh at was when Coach Carr spoke to his class about sexual education and basically told them all not to have sex because they will end up pregnant, and they will die. He then proceeded to pass around a giant basket filled with condoms.

While it’s funny because it’s a scene out of a movie, I didn’t really think there were teachers who taught this way in real life! After all, if you have someone who is teaching sexual education in school, you certainly hope they know what they’re talking about!

If you, like me, thought that sex ed teachers were actually educated in sex ed, you may be surprised when you read what one woman wrote about attending her own son’s sex ed class.

Seems like Coach Carr’s character might have been based on real life!

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What would you do?

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