This Mom Just Blew $2,000 On Her Kids For Christmas And She Doesn’t Feel Guilty About It

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When it comes to buying my children gifts I’ll admit that I’m the first person who will look high and low for a good deal. And I’ll also be the first person to admit that I end up buying my children gifts all year around, too. That’s just what happens when you have no other option but to take your Shopkins-loving kids on your Target runs with you.
But for British mum Emma Tapping, she’s getting a lot of heat this week for apparently spending $2,000 on her children’s Christmas gifts this year. Some people are saying that it’s way too excessive, that she’s spoiling her children and that they will grow up with no appreciation for her (but then again it’s the Internet where everyone has an opinion). Still, Tapping is defending her choice to give her children a Christmas they not only deserve, but one they will never forget, too.

“I LOVE spoiling my kids in the festive season and I work damn hard to make sure it is every bit as amazing as it can be,” the 27-year-old mother, from England’s Isle of Man, wrote on Facebook after an Instagram photo of her family’s Christmas tree — packed with 300 gifts for her and her husband’s daughters 13 and 9, and son, 19 months — went viral.

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