This Mom Says Her Kids Are Far More Important Than Her Imperfections

Now this is what you call a HOT MOM! Singer and single mom Kimberly Henderson of South Carolina proved to the world that being a mother is the most important job for her, as she would rather cuddle on the couch with her kids than hit the gym on any given night.

The mother-of-four proudly shared photos of her stretch marks and her saggy stomach to prove that her children are more important to her than stressing out about her physical flaws. Here’s what she writes:

I was having my pity me moment (we all have our days) my 2 year old grabbed my leg and pulled on my shorts for me to kiss her… And it was that second she reminded me that every imperfection on my belly was worth having sweet moments like that! ‪#‎lovetheskinyourein [sic].


First of all, Kimberly is absolutely beautiful. Second of all, I adore her and respect her honesty. I’ve seen way too many mothers during my time who have spent hours in the gym but then complain they have no time during the day to spend with their families. It’s called priorities, my friends and you either have them or you don’t.

Kudos for Kimberly for not only putting her family first, but for also teaching her kids that LOVE is way more important than looks.


Source via The Daily Mail

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