This Mom Is Living Every Single Parent’s Worst Nightmare

When two people separate or divorce, it’s never easy. And it can sometimes get downright ugly, especially when small children are involved. One parent wants full-custody of the kids while the other parent believes they should have sole custody instead. Everyone wants to set their own rules, lay out their demands and expect that the other party will comply. But it doesn’t always work out that way.

But could you imagine fighting for YOUR child with someone who isn’t legally their parent? I know it sounds impossible but for some people, but that’s exactly what Circe Hamilton and Kelly Gunn are going through right now. As a same-sex couple they knew that they would have a difficult time adopting a baby boy from Ethopia. Circe says that same-sex couples are unable to adopt in Ethiopia, and Kelly accepted that she had to be listed as my roommate on the application. Everything was fine and great of course until Kelly decided that she wants to move back to London… with their son. Despite the fact that Circe is their son’s legal part, a ruling in New York City says that non-adoptive and non-biological parents can still sue for custody.

Credit: Shutterstock/ wk1003mike

Here’s what you need to know.

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