This Mom Is Getting Slammed for Changing Her Baby’s Name – Multiple Times!

I’m sure we can all agree that names are extremely important. And in all honesty, your name says a lot about you and your personality. The truth is that names are a part of every culture and that they are of enormous importance both to the people who receive names and to the societies that given them. … In some cases, the name given at birth is only the first of several names a person will bear throughout life.

Picking a name for your child is no walk in the park, either. Sure, the name you choose for your baby will be a defining piece of his or her identity for a lifetime. So no pressure, right?

Yet a lot of people can’t understand why this popular mom blogger keeps changing her daughter’s name! In fact, they are beginning to criticize her as enough is enough.

baby names
Credit: Shutterstock/ kryzhov

Would you change your child’s name if you could?

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