This Mom Comforting Her Crying Son Shows the Real Pain Trans Kids Go Through

Parenthood means so many different things and takes so many different winding paths during the course of our lifetime. There are highs and lows and so many different challenges that we face at different points and when our kids go through different stages. The important this is that we support them, even if it’s hard to do. After all, we became parents to be our kid’s biggest cheerleaders.

Having a transgender child should be no different. While they face different obstacles that other kids may not, it’s our job to comfort them through that. This Texas mom has been doing just that and a photo recently surfaced of her comforting her son through a rough time and we can all learn something from it.

Amber Briggle
Credit: Facebook / AmberBriggle

See what lesson this mom shows through viral picture that all parents need to hear.

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Allison Cooper

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