This Little Girl’s Reaction To Seeing Her Baby Brother For The Very First Time Is Too Cute!

Introducing older siblings to the newest baby in the family is always an exciting time, but there’s always a bit of a concern about how the older sibling will react. I know for me I was always so hopeful that my older kids would be excited when they first met their younger brothers, but I always held on to a bit of nervousness that they would feel left out or not special anymore.

I’m sure most parents feel the same, but fortunately this little girl looks completely excited to be meeting her little brother for the first time. The little girl is filmed being brought in to a hospital room by a family friend to meet her new little brother, and her initial confusion at entering a hospital room and seeing her mom on the bed is totally cute. As she walks in the room she sees her mom and asks ‘what happened?’ before finally realizing that there’s a baby there too!

She then lets out the most adorable squeal before excitedly announcing ‘my baby brother!’ Looks like someone is very excited to finally be a big sister! Check out the video below.



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