This Little Boy’s Reaction To Finding Out He’s Going To Be A Big Brother Is The Sweetest Thing You’ll See All Day!

Oh the feels!!! I promise you, you will have the happiest tears in your eyes ever after watching this video so make sure you have some tissues handy!

Little Jake Dooley is 6 years old and has been wishing for a younger sibling for a long time. His mom Teresa told that “Jake is six and has been asking, wishing hoping and praying for a sibling for the last couple of years.”  Teresa and her husband had a stillborn birth a few years ago and have since had some trouble with conceiving, until now. Theresa and her husband Tommy decided to record Teresa telling Jake that he was going to become a big brother and I promise you, you will melt from the sweetness of this little boy!!

Tommy, who posted the video to YouTube, wrote in the caption ‘After a long hard road, our 6 year old son finds out that he is going to be a big brother!! His reaction is priceless!’ In the video Teresa presents Jake with a series of note cards, the first reading ‘I know you have been wishing and praying for me for a long time now’ followed by ‘I’m sorry I took so long to get here’, then ‘I am here now, look at your t-shirt’.   At this point Teresa hands Jake a shirt that says ‘This guy is going to be a big brother’ and then Jake gives the best big brother reaction any parent could ever hope for!

Best big brother ever! Watch Jake’s adorable reaction below, but make sure you have those tissues handy!



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