This Little Boy’s Image Was Altered And Made Into A Meme Comparing Him To A Pug


I know I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: I have a strong love/hate relationship with the Internet. I love it because of simple reasons like online shopping, Amazon Prime and gossip blogs but I also hate it for reasons like the one below.

According to blogger AliceAnn Meyer, someone, somewhere used her beautiful son’s photo and created a meme comparing him to a pug. Little Jameson actually has Pfeiffer syndrome, a craniofacial syndrome that causes premature fusion of the skull. He has had two cranial vaults and four sets of tubes placed in his ears.

“Pfeiffer syndrome is a craniofacial syndrome that includes craniosynostosis (premature fusion of the skull). The best way I can explain it is that there was a genetic mutation on the gene that tells your tissues and bones when to start and stop growing. Some grew too much (fused skull sutures), and some not enough (mid-face hypoplasia).

As a result, Pfeiffer’s kids vary from one to the other. Because of the severity of the mid-face hypoplasia and cranial abnormalities some kids have more issues breathing, eating, seeing, and hearing than others. Some kids have just 2 cranial sutures fused, others have all of them fused. It all depends on the child. All of this determines what kind, and how many surgeries will be needed.”

jamesons story

Now, AliceAnn is fighting back with a post on her blog entitled, “This Is My Son Jameson, And No, You May Not Use His Photo.” Here’s what she writes:

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