New Study Shows Grandparents Are Tired of Watching Our Kids

My mother still works full time but she tries to hang out with my two children on her days off. Even though she’s an energetic woman, I realized a long time ago that she’s not superwoman. In fact, none of us are. She does her best to give them as much of her attention and love as she can, but it’s not always easy. She always tells me that she’s not the same age I am and that there’s no way that she can turn back time and be the woman she was thirty-something years ago.

And honestly, I believe her. I’m in my mid-30s but I swear to you that I wake up every single morning wondering if it’s Saturday yet! That’s why so many grandparents are apparently hiring babysitters to help watch their grandchildren for them. It might sound crazy, but it isn’t.

Credit: Shutterstock/Ana Blazic Pavlovic

Here’s why grandparents are begging for a rest!

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