This Is Why Beyoncé and Jay-Z Waited Five Years to Have More Kids

Beyoncé managed to surprise the entire world last week in her very Queen Bey way when she dropped the exciting pregnancy news that she was carrying not one, but two babies. The superstar along with her husband Jay-Z, first became parents to daughter Blue Ivy in 2012, which left many people wondering why they waited five years to add to the family.

Credit: Instagram / @beyonce

A new report has answered this burning question, that isn’t really isn’t all that appropriate to ask.

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Leah Groth

Leah Groth is a writer and long-time entertainment journalist. After years of interviewing everyone from Clint Eastwood to Kim Kardashian, and covering events such as the Academy Awards, the Grammys, and Coachella, she traded in her Christian Louboutins for a diamond ring and diaper duty and moved to the Midwest. Her work has been published in Life & Style, Fit Pregnancy, Babble, Radar, Popdust, LivingHealthy, and XoJane. Leah is currently based in Chicago, where she is living the “white picket fence” dream with her husband and two children.

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