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When I was pregnant with my first child, I was a preschool teacher getting dressed wasn’t always easy.  My body was constantly changing, and all I wanted to do was try to look as fashionable as could be without breaking the bank.

Domo, a 5-year-old startup based in Utah with a team  of 600 employees, came up with something pretty amazing.  Every pregnant woman at the company gets $2,000 in gift cards to buy maternity clothes, according to an article by Claire Zillman in Fortune.

They realized they couldn’t offer the same benefits as the larger companies can (Netflix has unlimited leave for both moms and dads for the first year after birth or adoption) and instead decided to offer a different benefit: $2,000 clothing stipend, which the expectant employees can use to buy a wardrobe’s worth of maternity clothes. They get this by receiving gift cards to maternity stores like Nordstrom, A Pea in the Pod, and ASOS .

Fortune magazine said that, five or six people have already used the clothing benefit, and one employee said the perk was “life changing.” Here’s hoping more companies soon follow suit.


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