This Girl With Autism Asks Her Mom a Heart-Wrenching Question Girl, 7, with autism asks in a letter if her condition means she was ‘born bad’

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Image Source: Facebook user I Am Cadence


Cadence a 7-year old little girl with Autism was scared, after hearing too many stories about children with autism being tied up.  The seven-year-old Queensland girl with autism wrote to her mother to ask if she was “born bad”.

Hiding under her teacher’s desk, her safe space.   Cadence wrote to her mother Angela to ask whether her condition made her bad.

‘Does autism make me bad?’ the girl wrote on a letter she later posted to her I am Cadence Facebook page.

“grownups always say it’s hard being mum or dad if your kid is autism and it said on the TV if your autism you hurt people (sic).

“And kids who are autism have to be put in a gale (jail) to keep others safe or tied up.”

Her mother replied: “What do you believe?”

“I don’t like hurting people. I don’t like being scared,” Cadence answered.

“I would be scared in a gail (jail) room. I was born autism, but that doesn’t mean I was born bad.”

Cadence wrote the letter after news broke this week that a 16-year-old boy with autism was found chained to a bed in his Blacktown home in Sydney.  She had heard that in September a school in Canberra was found to be using a cage to house an autistic child.

Cadence penned an essay when she was in year one, describing why she different.

“Autism is why I’m different. Its why I don’t talk. Its why I get scared of people (sic),’ she wrote.

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