This Georgia Trooper Saves These Children’s Halloween After Their Parents Were Tragically Killed

It is stories like this that show true heros! This story had me in tears at Georgian Trooper…

A 25-year-old Georgian trooper is being called a hero,  for giving four children a halloween that they will never forget.

This past Halloween night, Donald and Crystal Howard left their children  who were 13, 10, 8, and 6 years old  at home while they ran to the store to pick up face paint and more candy for trick-or-treaters. They had a fatal accident and ran off the road, and hit a tree.

Trooper Nathan Bradley was tasked with informing the next of kin, but when he got to the house, he had another thought:

“A county deputy, the deputy coroner and myself made our way to the house that was backed into the woods. You could hear dogs barking behind the wooden door as we knocked with desperation. The door hesitantly opened and there behind the locked screen door stood four children in full costume – a 13-year-old Freddy Krueger, 10-year-old daughter of a Dracula, 8-year-old wizard and a 6-year-old that appeared to be a firefighting ninja turtle. We were lost with words. The deputy then asked the eldest boy if anybody was home, hoping for a ‘Yes’ but the boy would unknowingly disappoint us. ‘My parents went to the store to get more face paint. They told us not to open the door for anybody, but they should be back soon.’

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