This Feminist Mom Is OUTRAGED Because Her Daughter Chooses To Wear Pink


Before I even get into this story, can I just say whatever happened to letting kids be kids? I mean, why are we always dictating what our kids should eat, drink, play with, wear, see, do or how they should act? If I choose to eat vegan, should my kids eat vegan, too? And if I don’t like listening to latest Taylor Swift song then should I ban from my children from listening to it? The answer of course is, no.

But for British mother-of-two Sarah Fletcher, she sees things a little differently. As a feminist, she is absolutely livid that her daughter LOVES the color pink and Disney princesses and wants to see her playing with toy cars instead.

Here’s what Sarah writes in the Daily Mail:

A few days ago, my daughter Alice told me that boys can’t wear dresses. Surprised, I told her that anyone can wear whatever they want. It made no difference: she was convinced that this was the rule and I was wrong.

Last week, when she asked me to be the prince and rescue her from the monster, I suggested she rescue me instead. 

She looked at me like I had lost my mind. At this point I was rolling around on the floor crying ‘Help! I’ve fallen off my horse!’ Unmoved, she asked when we were getting married.

I’m a feminist, and I hate it when people decide a car is a toy for a boy, or a fairy outfit is for a girl. People should be able to like whatever they want and dress however they want. 

Yet I’m also a huge hypocrite – Alice has girly girl tastes, and I’m embarrassed by it. 

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