This Father’s Reaction To Finding Out His Next Baby’s Sex After 4 Little Girls Is Priceless

Time to grab a beer

I come from a very big family, and in that big family is a whole lot of females. I was actually stunned when I ended up having only daughter myself and three sons, convinced that all of my kids would be girls just because of my family history.

My mother is one of eleven children and nine of them are girls! In fact, my grandmother had eight girls in a row before she ever had a boy. My father is one of twelve kids and eight of them are girls, so you can understand why I thought I’d have at least two of my own.

No matter how much we all really just want healthy children, I think it’s perfectly OK to secretly wish for a boy or for a girl because we all know that everyone is happy no matter what the gender of the baby is. Still, I think it’s totally normally to want a boy if all you have are girls, and vice versa.

I was thrilled when I found out my fourth child was another boy, but that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t thinking that maybe I’d be able to shop for pink dresses and all things butterflies just one more time!

Mark Taylor is the father of four girls who has crossed his fingers for a boy each time his wife, Angel, has gotten pregnant.

Clearly Mark loves his girls but his reaction to finding out baby #5 is another girl is simply priceless.

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