This Father Taught Himself How To Do His Daughter’s Hair And Now Wants To Share His Skills With Other Fathers


For a mother who still hasn’t mastered the French braid on my daughter’s hair (I know, what’s taking me so long?) This is pretty awesome.

Florida dad Philippe Morgese when his daughter Emma was just 1 years old. Realizing that he needed to brush her hair, he slowly went from clips to pigtails and then to more complicated hairstyles, learning them all on his own. He became so good at doing his daughter’s hair that other dads starting asking him for tips (really!).

Philippe then came up with the idea to start his own class for dads who want to learn how to style their daughters’ hair.

“I get a lot of credit for doing her hair and hear compliments about my role as a father because of it,” he told Buzzfeed News. “I want other dads to be able to experience that.”

The crafty papa reached out to a local beauty school, International Academy, and asked them if they would provide a space for free for the class. Fortunately, they thought it was a great idea. Philippe now says he plans on holding more classes, and even started a Facebook page for them, which he calls the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory.

Philippe added, “I feel like the kudos have made me a better dad,” he said. “When you hear ‘you are such an awesome dad,’ you start to believe it and let go of the mistakes you make as a parent.”

Dedicated dads are the best dads, right Hot Moms?

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Source via Buzzfeed

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