This Father Seriously Pranked His Girlfriend Into Thinking That Their Kid Exploded

A friend shared this story and I looked at my husband and said, IF YOU EVER DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING like this I am ot of here … He agreed, it would  never happen! This is NOT funny…

Roman Atwood tricked his girlfriend into thinking that their young son, Kane, blew up on a four-wheeler in front of their eyes. Roman is known to be a  YouTube prankster and has done many things to his girlfriend but this one took the cake! He made it look like Kane took off on the bike and then went over a ramp, crashed hard and burst into huge flames.

What he really did was made a replica of Kane and tricked out the the bike to make it go with a remote control. When his girlfriend Brittney, walked off, he switched his son with the doll.

Roman allowed Brittney to run after but quickly she realizes it as a stunt and tells him she is done! How would you handle this?



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