This Father and Son Duo Recreated Their Bath Picture and the Internet Can’t Handle it

When it comes to personal photos and social media, it’s safe to say that more and more people are sharing their very intimate photos online. And quite honestly, a lot of it shouldn’t be put online. I used to post a lot of photos of my two children online but now that they are getting older, I’m very cautious about the pics I post. I don’t want them feeling uncomfortable or upset about certain memories that honestly you can’t erase on the internet.

But apparently, not everyone things the same way. That’s why people are shocked over these new father and son photos shared by one very unashamed Facebook user. At first, the idea behind it seems adorable enough but once you see the recreated photo, you’ll be shocked. A lot people didn’t except to see THIS much from them!

bath photo
Credit: Facebook/Tyler Walker

Should a photo like this be shared on the internet?

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