This Entire Town Is Celebrating Christmas Early For Young Boy With Terminal Cancer

Even though it’s not yet Halloween, the town of St. George, Ontario, is all ready for Christmas. The main street is lit with Christmas lights and decorations and there’s even been a parade scheduled for this weekend. The reason that St. George is going all out to celebrate Christmas before they even celebrate Halloween is because of one special little resident.

Evan Leversage is a 7 year old boy who has been battling cancer for most of his short life. When his family was recently told that Evan’s brain cancer had spread and that they may want to celebrate Christmas a bit early this year, Evan’s mom Nicole asked her family if they’d mind an early celebration. I don’t think anyone could have predicted what would happen next.

According to CBC news, Nicole’s cousins started a facebook page to raise funds and encourage the community to embrace Christmas in October. As word spread about Evan’s condition and the family’s request to celebrate Christmas early, friends, neighbours and the community at large got on board. There are hundreds of houses with their Christmas lights up and this weekend a parade of 25 floats will go right past Evan’s house.

“You look out our front window, the entire street is lit up,” said Wellwood. “Everywhere you look it’s Christmas. It’s more than I could have imagined.

“When Evan looks out his window, the backyard is decorated and there’s a sign saying ‘Merry Christmas.'”

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