This Edible Sweater Is The New Craze For The Holiday Season


A sweater that you can eat?! Yep, you read that right as this year you can wear your ugly Christmas sweater with pride and then eat it, too! Talk about a yum-per, right? Ha!

According to the Daily Mail, British baker Juliet Swear teamed up with Dr. Oetker to creat the world’s first edible holiday jumper, which took more than 50 hours to create along with more icing, marzipan and chocolate than most people consumer in a year.

Juliet shared, “’Nothing excites me more than an edible challenge,’ said baker Juliet on her website. I love the creativity and fun involved in bringing people’s ideas to life through the medium of food.”

Indeed, but what happens when you walk into a party and people start taking a bite out of you? And you’re also taking the chance of having your crazy aunt or uncle that you usually avoid at family gatherings coming up and taking a good whiff of your chocolate-covered shoulders. LOL. Either way, I’m sure this sweater is going to be a massive hit this holiday season. Well, at least for those who like to take a bite out of their family and friends. Ha!

Tell us Hot Moms, would you wear an edible sweater to a holiday party this year?

Source via The Daily Mail

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