This Doctor Suffered a Devastating Loss While Delivering a Patient’s Baby

There’s a reason why so many of us love to compare moms to superwomen. It’s because we really do amazing things that are out of this world. We take on multiple tasks and projects, we use our minds to contribute to this world of ours and we use our hearts to take care of those that we love so much. It’s no wonder that so many people are simply amazed by all the things women accomplish on a daily basis. Simply put, we’re bad ass and we know it.

That’s why so many people are talking about what one female doctor from Egypt did while she was helping another woman give birth to her newborn baby. I’m sure that she never realized that she would suffer a terrible loss while helping deliver someone else’s joy at the same time. Here’s what happened.

Credit: Shutterstock/ 5.6 PHOTO STUDIO TORTOSA

This doctor suffered a heartbreaking loss

while she was doing her job.

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