This Daycare Owner Was Beaten In The Face With A Shovel After Refusing To Release Kids To Their Drunk Father

Martha McClure is one brave woman. The daycare owner took a shovel to the face last week when she refused to allow 3 of the children she cares for to go home with their father. According to authorities, the father doesn’t have legal custody and was drunk at the time.

According to Fox2Now McClure was aware that  Francis Joseph Jackson’s parental rights were suspended and he wasn’t supposed to have contact with his kids when he showed up with an unidentified woman last week to pick up his kids. She also said she could smell alcohol on him.

According to the news report, McClure was escorting Jackson from the building when he struck her. Jackson attempted to get back in the daycare by throwing toys and even a tricycle at the windows. In addition to Jackson beating McClure with his fists, his girlfriend picked up a shovel and smashed McClure in the face!




According to a GoFundMe page set up to help raise funds for Martha, she had eye surgery at the beginning of this week and has ‘a long road of healing ahead of her.’

This is so awful, but I am so thankful that there are people like Martha McClure who put her own safety on the line to protect the safety of those 3 children. She is truly a hero!

Jackson has since been taken in to custody, but his girlfriend is still at large.


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