Dad Warns Other Parents After His Daughter Nearly Choked on a Popular Pacifier

When my children were little, we used pacifiers as a sleeping aid during nap time and bedtime. By the time my daughter was about 10 months old we cut the tip of her pacifier and gradually weaned her off of it, so it wasn’t like she was sucking on it for more than she needed to. We did the same thing with our son, too.

But because I am THAT mom who always worries about safety, whenever our babies would fall asleep I would tip toe into their rooms to take their pacifiers out of their cribs. More often than not they would spit them out after falling asleep. Strangely enough though, I never worried about my babies possibly chocking on their pacifiers. And that’s exactly what happened to one little girl …

Credit: Facebook/Earl Wilson

And now her father is warning all parents to be careful with this pacifier brand.

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