This Dad’s Rant About His Wife’ Pregnancy Is Going Viral for the Best Reason

When it comes to announcing a pregnancy, I’m sure a lot of moms get very different reactions from friends, family members, and heck, even their own spouses (sure they helped create your little bundle of joy, but you are technically the first person to find out the news, right?). They are either ecstatic with joy, (regretfully) disappointed or utterly confused.

And others have a myriad of thoughts running through their head. That’s why so many people are laughing with (and definitely not at) dad blogger Neil McTeggart. The Northern Ireland-based blogger has shared his wife’s baby news with the world in the most hilarious way possible. Talk about a flood of emotions!

dad blogger
Credit: Facebook/Neil McTeggart

Neil sure has a lot to say about his wife’s pregnancy “diagnosis.”

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