This Dad Turns His 4-Month-Old Son Into An Adorable ‘Elf On The Shelf’

You haven’t seen an Elf on the Shelf quite like this one.

Alan Lawrence owner of  THAT DAD BLOG   seems to have decided to create his own take on the Elf on the Shelf holiday tradition, using his 4-month old son Rockwell as a real-life “elf.”

Alan, explains on his BLOG that they have a their own real life Elf On The Shelf!

Around the first week of December a random elf showed up in our family room. At first I was alarmed and told the kids to stay in their rooms while I tried to figure out what was going on. I was going to call the police but my wife told me I was over reacting. We called our neighbors and apparently some of them have elves in their houses as well. Our neighbors seem to think this is normal and tell us that he will be in our home until Christmas. They also told us that he will watch our children during the day and wander our house at night getting into things. They thought this was normal and that “it is so fun”. Im not sure how I feel about the idea of a small stranger in red tights wandering around my home at night watching my kids.  I want to be positive about this but it makes me nervous. Ive decided to allow him to stay (I don’t think I really have a choice) but I am keeping a close eye on him and have decided to document all of days he is here. I will continue to add days to this post until he decides to return home to the Candy Cane forrest or wherever he came from. If you have any advice please leave it in the comments below.

We woke up this morning to find an elf in our family room. Our neighbors seem to think he is a part of the “Elf On A Shelf” program but we are still not sure. He doesn’t talk, just sits around watching us and eats all of our food. I’m just glad he is wearing a diaper.
If anything changes I will let you know.

Tonight was the first night the elf ate dinner with us. He never broke eye contact with me the entire dinner. I asked…

Posted by That Dad Blog on Thursday, December 10, 2015

We woke up this morning to find an elf in our family room. Our neighbors seem to think he is a part of the “Elf On A…

Posted by That Dad Blog on Sunday, December 6, 2015


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