This Dad Of Three Passionately Warns Other Parents About The Dangers Of Kid Sleepovers

It's a rite of passage for so many

Sleepovers are a big thing in my house. I have four children and at least one of them asks me on a weekly basis if they can have a friend sleep over. Sometimes I say yes and sometimes I say no, and it usually depends on how busy a weekend we have and how many extracurricular activities we have planned during the days.

Still, I remember loving sleep overs when I was a kid so I try to let my kids have them as often as possible. They also all have great friends who I like so it never really bothers me when I have an extra kid in the house. I typically order them a pizza and let them rent a movie and my kids don’t bug me all night long because their friend is over.

I also love it when sleepovers are reciprocated because it gives my child the chance to have a fun night out at their friends house. We don’t live near any family so having a parent I know and trust take my child for the night is a nice break for me.

I would never let my child sleep at someone’s house that I didn’t know but in general I think sleepovers are a positive part of growing up.

Tim Challies is a Christian pastor and author who has banned sleepovers for this three children, and he thinks other parents might want to consider doing the same.

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