This Dad Makes The Most Awesome Pancakes For His Kids!

Talk about #GOALS (because nothing is serious unless you put a hashtag in front of it these days). Brady Phelps – aka the Pancake Dad – is one hellava talented papa from San Diego, California. His Instagram account, @thepancakedad is making huge waves on social media with his artistic pancake creations everyday. Seriously, this man makes everything from Elmo to Pixar characters to even Kim Kardashian’s crying face (which is my fave, BTW).

Brady has over 15,000 followers and growing. And while there’s no doubt that I would never in a million years make pancakes that look like Yoda for my kids (their lucky on the days they get chocolate chips) I would definitely love to see this guy open up a restaurant one day. I’d be the first customer for sure!

Check out some of his creations below and let us know what you think!


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