This Dad Admits He Felt Suicidal Right Before the Birth of His Son

A young dad has become an inspiration to thousands across the globe after bravely opening up exactly one year after he tried to take his own life. Caolán Doherty, from Derry in Northern Ireland, opened up in a moving and emotional social media post which has become a viral hit for all the right reasons.

I’m sure we’ve all seen it before: our friends and family members who look like they’ve got their sh* together from the outside, but within, they are struggling. After all, looks can be deceiving. Someone who appears happy and joyful all the time might not feel it in reality.

That’s why so many people are relating to this dad’s emotional post while applauding him for his brave honesty, too. On the outside the 25-year-old dad had appeared to be happier than he had been in years, but inside he was struggling.

dad depression
Credit: Facebook/Caolán Doherty

This dad opens up about his suicide attempt.

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