This Couple Is Spending Almost $37,000 On Their Kids This Christmas Because ‘They’re Worth It’



Just when you think you’ve seen and read it all, think again by dear Hot Mom friends. The British couple is spending a whopping $37,000 on their twins’ first Christmas just because they think the one-year-olds will simply “love it.”

According to the Daily Mail, Dan and Louise Hill of Surrey, England are giving their children a Christmas they will surely forget (because let’s face it, they are babies!) all because they think it’s well deserved. It’s also noted that the couple live a pretty lavish lifestyle themselves. Dan works as a television presenter on ‘Storage Hunters’ in the UK while Louise is in the dog grooming business.

Here’s a little more:

Louise explains: ‘This is the big one for us because it’s their first Christmas.

‘I’m the first to admit that so much of what we’re doing is over the top and crazy, but the babies are just going to love it.’

Other lavish Christmas presents joining the pile include an entire Burberry bear collection – for the princely sum of £2,000 – and £750 on matching his ‘n’ hers black electric Bentley cars from Harrods.

Dan told the Sunday People: ‘People say we’re stupid and have more ­money than sense but we really struggled to conceive and the twins are our very own little ­miracles. 

‘We will try our hardest to give them the best of everything.’

Louise told MailOnline earlier this year that they want the best for their twins having spent a long time trying to conceive through IVF. 

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