This Amazing IKEA Bed Hack Allows This Family Of Seven To Share The Same Bed!

Do you co-sleep with your kids? I have never been a fan of co-sleeping. For me my bed has always been my little safe haven away from my children where I would trying and get a few hours of uninterrupted rest so I could recharge for the next day. BUT I’ve also had 4 kids and been married for 16 years so I realize that just because something doesn’t work for me doesn’t mean it not’s not the perfect solution for someone else, which is why I have total respect for this woman who created this incredible family bed to accomodate her family of 7!

Elizabeth Boyce is a Texas blogger who writes a blog called ‘Wandering The World Below‘ where she recently shared an IKEA hack featuring two IKEA Kura beds MacGyver’d to fit her entire family of seven. Elizabeth posted a picture of the finished product to her instagram page and even provided a detailed ‘how-to’ on her blog for anyone who might like to create their own family bed.




The image shows where everyone in their large family sleeps, allowing them all to sleep in the same room virtually in the same bed. Elizabeth even breaks down the costs of the making the bed and what she would do differently if she were to make it again on her blog.


ikea_family_bed_hack (1)


So while co-sleeping isn’t for everyone, for those who love it this might be just the perfect solution! It’s pretty cost effective and can probably be reconfigured once your kids decide they want to start sleeping in their own rooms.

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