This 9-Year-Old Girl Totally Nailed Her Math Homework With This Sassy Response!

sassy homework response


I am so glad my kids do not have to deal with Common Core! Jenn Douglas, is not that lucky though! The mother of fourth-grade student Maddy, who was filling out a worksheet when she reached a strange question about the dating patterns of a group of high schoolers.

Jenn thought it was extremely important explain to her daughter the importance: girl code.

“I cant [sic] aswer [sic] this problem because my mom says according [sic] to girl code you shouldn’t [sic] date a friends [sic] x boyfriend,” Maddy wrote beneath the problem.

Jenn decided to post the paper on her Facebook page with the hashtag #girlcodetrumpscommoncore

“My daughter’s answer to a problem on her 4TH GRADE math problem last night. . . . I was NOT happy about this at ALL. I don’t care if they prefaced it with ‘In High School’. Still not appropriate.”

My question is, why is this even a question for the kids. Clearly there are better ways to get their point across!

Image Source: Facebook user Jenn Morrison Douglas


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