This 6 Year Old Boy Fatally Shoots His 3-Year-Old Brother During a Game of Cops and Robbers

Eian Santiago was playing as harmless as a 3 year old could of cops and robbers in his Chicago house when during the game, his 6-year-old brother reached for his father’s loaded gun.  It was  wrapped up in a pair of pajama pants  on top of the refrigerator.  He took it  and shot his little brother in the face and died on the way to the hospital.

Michael Santiago, (their father and a former member of the Spanish Cobras street gang) bought the gun from a gang member for protection and was arrested and charged with child endangerment.    The children were being watched by heir grandfather when the shooting occurred.

Eian’s grandfather Israel LaSalle told CLTV. “He was a beautiful kid. It’s real crazy. That’s why parents should never have guns in the house,”

The Assistant State’s Attorney Joseph DiBella says Santiago had shown the 6-year-old the gun a week before the deadly shooting and told him that it was only for adults.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy says Eian’s case tragically illustrates his point: “It’s real simple. If that gun is not in the house that kid is alive today. We see this happen over and over and over again.”




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