This 47-Year-Old Woman Goes to the Hospital With Abdominal Pain and Leaves With a Newborn

At 47 years old, Judy Brown was experiencing intense pains and too a trip to the emergency room with her husband Jason. They never expected the diagnosis to be labor pains and that she was going to deliver a baby girl any minute.  Her life would change in the blink of an eye!

Carolyn Rose was born a healthy 8-pound little girl.

Judy said that her growing belly just looked like she was “becoming just like her mother” and that she thought she was going through menopause.  She absolutely, never thought that she could be pregnant after 22 years of marriage and no children. Jason was in utter shock, “I feel I’m still going to wake up in the emergency room and feel, ‘Hey, this was only a dream . . . it felt so real.'”

While Carolyn is certainly a little miracle, “She’s going to be an only child. I will get the surgery before [another child] even becomes a thought,” Jason joked.


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