This 3 Year Old Tearfully Blames Her Barbies For Making Her Paint Their Nails

Ah, the good old ‘the Barbies made me do it!’ excuse! All this poor little 3 year old wanted to do was paint her Barbies nails to look as pretty as hers were, but unfortunately she didn’t follow the house rules about where nail polish is allowed to be used!

Dad Joseph Nagorski posted this adorable video of his baby girl Sophia to YouTube showing him asking her why she painted her Barbies nails in her room when she knows she’s only allowed to use her nail polish outside. Like any quick thinking 3 year old, his daughter quickly responded that it was the Barbies that made her do it, even though she told them hundreds of times no! She responded over and over that “All my dolls say they want me to paint their nails.”  I mean, what’s a girl to do when the Barbies ask you to paint their nails?!

Let’s just hope that the next time the Barbies ask Sophia to paint their nails they remind her to take them outside first!


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