This 21 Year Old Is Warning About The Dangers Of Binge Drinking After Almost Dying

Now that I have a teenager in my house I have a whole new list of things that keep me up at night. When I had toddlers I worried about them falling and getting hurt or swallowing something random or hitting another child at the park. Then as they got a bit older I worried about them making good friends, doing well in school and being nice people. Having a teenager opens a whole other world of worry. Now I worry about friends and boyfriends and making good choices and social media and drinking and drugs and instagram and snapchat and and EVERYTHING!

OK I might be exaggerating slightly, but if you have a teenager you know what I mean. We can raise our kids to be smart, thoughtful kids, but one poor decision can change their lives forever. Hanna Lottritz knows about that, and has written a blog post warning of the dangers of binge drinking. Hanna might not be a teenager, but as a young woman her words still hold a lot of solid advice.

About 6 months before her 21st birthday Hanna was at a music festival with her friends. In her post, Hanna writes that since she started drinking later in the day from most of her friends, she felt the need to ‘catch up’ and played a game where they saw who could drink the longest from a bottle of Black Velvet Whiskey. After the bottle chugging contest, Hanna then chugged an entire Solo cup full of Black Velvet Whiskey.

Hanna writes ‘ Immediately after this I told my friends I felt fine, and about five minutes later I collapsed. I wasn’t breathing. My friends picked me up and started carrying me to the medical tent. From there I was intubated and taken to Renown hospital in Reno, Nevada via care flight. Meanwhile, the police showed up at my house to tell my parents to meet me at the hospital.’

This picture is from Hanna’s blog and captioned, ‘Reno, Nevada- July 26, 2015: A photo from the emergency room an hour after I arrived at Renown hospital. At this point I was not responding to verbal or painful stimuli and the ventilator was breathing for me. I was completely unresponsive.’



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