This 2-Year-Old Girl Lost Her Life After Being Found Beaten

This story is just so heartbreaking!!  An Ohio toddler was discovered allegedly beaten and not breathing has died.

2-year-old Kinsley was found by authorities and fighting for her life!!!!   The beautiful toddler was rushed to the Atrium Medical Center according to the criminal complaint!  Not only did they find bruising under her chin and near her throat there was also multiple bruises around her head.  Rebecca Ashton Kinner, 23, Kinsely’s mother and her boyfriend, Bradley Young, have been arrested and are being held on the charge of permitting child abuse.

Come on baby, it’s all up to you, there’s people from all over the world rooting for ya, I mean everywhere! Please don’t…

Posted by Scott Senft on Thursday, December 3, 2015

“Medical staff advised [the girl] had no brain activity and was on a ventilator, Rebecca Kinner stated that she watched her boyfriend [Brad Young] shook and punched her 2-year-old daughter in the head multiple times the day before she stopped breathing. Rebecca made no attempt to come to her defense.”

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