They Finally Got The Family Picture They Wanted Including The Twins They Lost Thanks To This Photographer

Katy Patten and her husband were expecting twins in 2011, but Katy went in to preterm labour at 23 weeks and tragically she lost both twins just a few days after she delivered them.

In an interview with Babycenter, Katy revealed how she and her family, which now includes two daughters, celebrate their twins Gavin and Aiden who were taken from them much too soon. Katy has a tattoo of the boys’ footprints and she also wears a necklace which contains some of their ashes. They celebrate on their respective birthdays (the boys were born a few days apart) with cupcakes and they even have a memory wall in their home dedicated to them. And now they have a family portrait, complete with their twin sons, to cherish. Katy has the photo hanging right above her fireplace and says “We wanted to finally have the family photo.”

Linda Gittens is the owner of Lulu B. Photography  and she created an amazing portrait of the entire Patten family, including the twin boys, for the Pattens. The boys would have been 4 now, so Gittens used her 4 year old neighbour to create the shadows in the portrait to represent the boys. The Patten’s then posed with their hands down as if they were holding hands so Gittens could merge the images and create the unforgettable family portrait.


We’ve seen some pretty amazing photography on this site, but seeing something like this just makes me smile because it’s clear that so much thought was put into creating something truly special for this family.


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