Mom Who Hit Early Menopause Is Pregnant With Twins

A big question women and men who experience infertility or secondary infertility (infertility after the loss of a baby through miscarriage or stillbirth) ask: “I can’t have kids, so now what?”

Some of the common fears and questions that  people have when they learn they can’t have kids may include:

I always thought I would  have children and all my life plans had always included them. What can I do  now?

Who am I if I can’t  get to be a parent?

Who am I if I can’t have the chance  to raise a living child?

How can I live a fulfilled, happy life when the one I had planned was taken away from me?

Well a sweet and young couple from Melbourne Amber and Chris found out that they wouldn’t be able to have children but is now extremly pregnant!!

This story is truly a miracle

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